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June 22 2017

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Today’s stream was a success! I think I’m in good enough condition to resume my regular stream times. 

During the stream, I resumed work on my pixel art commissions and worked on a turnaround of one of my OCs, Cliff to practice animating in Sketchbook pro. 

Would you like a pixel piece of your character, or some other piece from me?Here are my prices!

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Here is a breakdown of my pixel commission process, using the sprite I am working on for domoblog’s commission, Roxie! The final sprite will use the character’s correct palette, but here is a glimpse of how I tend to work on bigger sprites like this one. I don’t worry about keeping the palette right at first, so I like to pick colors to represent color boundaries so I can make sure each area reads.

I am constantly sculpting sprites to eke out any illusion of curvature I can use to make the final product look solid. It’s important to omit details that don’t read while working so you can plan around possible tangents and other readability issues that can come up as you add complexity to your piece. 

Would you like a pixel piece of your character, or some other piece from me? Here are my prices!

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Happy birthday BLKMKT!! Hope you have a good one man!

I got awesome giftart for my birthday!

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Thanks for coming to today’s test stream, folks! I had to cut the stream short because of an asthma attack. I’ll be streaming a few more times this week, my health permitting. Trying to get as many commissions and drawings done as I can before my birthday on the 23rd! Want one? Here’s my prices!

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You got your football in my football!

June 21 2017

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A quick wash doodle I did of pen-bee’s tall toad character using frenden’s Manga Studio Wash brushes and one of the dry media brushes he made as well. They’re a bunch of fun to use. I’m going to practice with them!

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Finally finished my piece for the Jewel Man Collab. I imagined OVER-J as a cruel and twisted guy, constantly lording his fortunes over the less fortunate members of his franchise. Cry for him!

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Thanks for coming to tonight’s stream everyone! If you missed it, I’ll be streaming again possibly during the weekend? If you’d like to commission me to work on something next stream, here are my prices! I drew some lineart of its-sageroot’s character, Diedra and lots of warmup sketches. Also, you missed my computer constantly playing Gourmet Race out of the hundreds of songs in my playlist. It kept playing it every few songs. Perhaps this is punishment for neglecting to play Kirby Triple Deluxe in favor of listening to its stellar soundtrack. Even as I type this the song has played another two or three times…

See you folks next stream!

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Here are several sketches from tonight’s livestream! Thanks for coming, folks! I’ll be streaming another day, maybe Friday. I will still be accepting commissions until my slots fill, so send me a note if you want one!

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Hello everyone! I’ve been in Atlanta, GA for a few days to take care of some things. During that time, I’ve been doing a lot of miscellaneous doodling in my sketchbook, especially when hanging out with the awesome chevuron! We’ve got crazy scientists, sad cyclopses, traffic wizards and a whole lot of Hatsune Miku just straight up dunkin’ on fools left and right. There’s something for everyone!

By the way, I’ve reopened commissions! Come commission me!

March 22 2017

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To contact me for commission requests, either send a note through deviantArt, Weasyl  or my email address, commission.blkmkt@outlook.com with the subject line COMMISSION REQUEST and a list of the type or types you want me to do. You may note me here as well, but I will ask you to email me if I accept the request, since tumblr’s message system is unreliable at best.

All rates are initial estimates. Rates will increase with the complexity of the request. 

Reference material for characters are required. A written description of a character is not sufficient to work within my time constraints. 

Terms of use

  • Commissioners are entitled to at most two revisions after rough sketches are approved for rendering. Additional revisions will be granted at a charge.
  • Commissioners may not use the commissions for commercial or promotional purposes unless otherwise negotiated.
  • I reserve the right to decline a request.
  • I reserve the right to post commissioned works on my website and within my portfolio.
  • All commissioned works will be posted here with the tag Commissioned Work.
  • No refunds, unless I cancel the commission request.

Payment is accepted via Paypal only. I will tell you where to send the money once the commission request is finalized. Work will begin after payment is received.

Thank you for your interest in my work!

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My sketchbooks are filled with little studies and doodles like these, done as quickly as I can make them. I tend to draw in pen to practice my draftsmanship and precision, as well as to force myself to make decisions with the shape language I use. Lately I have been expressing things with fruit and vegetable shapes! See if you can find them all.

Working with pen exposes the areas where I need to study harder. So far, I’ve been attempting to memorize the major muscles of the torso, and lately I’ve moved on to studying necks. I cannot post my anatomy studies here, since they contain nudity.

I spent the last several days in Boston attending PAX, and before that I was busy with school and work. Apologies for my absence! Pax proved to be an invigorating experience, and I met many artists there. There’s nothing quite like talking shop while getting some art done! I spent most of my time at the Wacom booth. I worked on a piece from start to finish there. I’ll post it when Wacom emails it to me.

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Sorry I’ve been scarce lately! School has kept me busy, along with life. That said, I’ve been doing a lot of sketchbook doodling and experimentation. Here’s chevuron’s mascot, drawn to test my pens, gel pens and graphite dust. I’m not too happy with the values of this picture, but I was unsure of how to work with the tools I was using. It was interesting to use graphite and brush to lay down basic washes. I’ll probably try it some more later!

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June 09, 2006
Vector art created with Adobe Illustrator

I found the source AI for this old chestnut, so I’m finally uploading it at a higher resolution. I made this thing for practice years ago. If I remember correctly, I finally learned how to make good use of the pathfinder tool and the Offset path effect when making this. It was a long time ago; I’m lucky I still had the file laying around in the first place.



starstrikerz replied to your post: MAGMA HAMMER (V.BC///EARLY WIP)L…

I really love your music clips. How much for a soundtrack release?

Thank you so much! I probably won’t be releasing a soundtrack for a while, I’d like to have enough tracks of consistent quality to support such an endeavor first. I might make a patreon or reopen commissions or something to be able to afford the equipment I need… I can’t post any more new KORG M01d work until I can get an audio interface, for instance. Some day!

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One of the earliest hurdles I had to overcome while working on my game project was managing my expectations of myself. From the very start I knew that I could not expect myself to match the level of graphical fidelity of a Playstation era Capcom like I secretly wanted to, so I tended to stop myself from fooling with pixel art if I found myself getting too deep. There was a short while where I tried to study the Mega Man 8/ Mega Man X4 tile looks, but I abandoned that after realizing my tileset fundamentals were not the best, nor were they the most efficient. 

Working alone means being economical! It also means tossing out a whole lot of things that would make the job impossible to complete without destroying oneself… Pretty much only the parallax background assets are being used at this point.

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Here are a bunch of old mockups and tile tests for my game project. When I first started the project, I made lots of animated mockups to try to get the feel I wanted down. These screens do not reflect the current look of the game. I’ve been somewhat secretive about the work I’ve been doing while getting the game to look and feel right in motion, but I think it’s a better idea to share some more of that going forward.

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For practice, I like to revisit old concepts and play with them. Before the relaunch of my tumblr, I had a throwaway idea for a game that involved a mysterious cowboy with a Werewolf hand that rolled into town to clean up crime. The original doodle was discarded, but later I decided the player should be able to choose their gender. The game involved using the werewolf hand to block bullets, traverse platforms and that sort of thing.

All three protagonist design tests involved indicating a werewolf scratch on one arm and an oversized forearm/hand combo. I gave them each a little wheat somewhere on them, and tried to maintain a vertical stripe pattern on each torso.  It was a fun exercise!

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Tonight’s stream was a test that helped me prepare my next tutorial – how to work fast with Mischief! Hint – make a dot and zoom in the layer its on to make a quick background wash! Hint two – use free transform to your advantage! Mischief is vector based so transforms don’t harm the quality of lines or “fills”…

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March 15, 2007
Pixel art created with ShiPainter Pro
90 colors used.

Work from my back catalog, made in 2007. One of my big fascinations in my youth was video game parody art and mashups, such as this mashup of Meteos and Tetris Attack. This piece, while unrefined and sloppy, taught me quite a bit about planning my pixel art. My understanding of dithering was put to the test with this piece, but it also convinced me to get better with anti-aliasing.

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